Natural disasters will always happen, but that’s no excuse for restoration companies to assume that their business model can stay the same forever. Technological advancements, increased pressure to economize, and competition for skilled labor are just a few of the pressures forcing the industry to evolve.

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Handled in a smart way, these changes can present opportunities as well as challenges. Keep the following key considerations in mind to ensure that your business stays ahead beyond 2018.

Talent remains a priority

Many of the industry professionals polled by Restoration and Remediation magazine in 2017 said that finding, training and retaining workers is a major challenge for most restoration companies — especially as national franchises are competing for the same labor force.

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Increased labor costs were cited as a problem, along with a lack of project managers with the right combination of physical, organizational and administrative skills. Finding — and keeping hold of — the right talent should be top of your priority list this year. Talent can often define the success of a company.

National credentials edge closer to reality

Hurricane Katrina brought inefficiencies and risks in the restoration industry to the attention of policymakers, and the idea of providing special credentials for anyone restoring disaster zones was discussed in a Senate committee. This idea hasn’t yet come to fruition, but a devastating hurricane season should put the conversation back on the agenda this year. National credentials would require special training and paperwork, but they would also help restorers operate more efficiently once these requirements are in place.

Public awareness adds pressure

People are becoming increasingly attentive to the threats posed by toxic airborne materials, and this awareness will increase litigation, leading companies to be more concerned with waivers, contracts, and documentation. It’s likely to result in an increasing number of new technologies and sterilizing chemicals being offered to remediation and restoration companies.

Digital documentation

The prevalence of smartphones, along with the increased expectation of timely and complete documentation, has resulted in the recent emergence of digital documentation products for the restoration industry. These will streamline the way that technicians gather and report data, and allow for increased automation, freeing up more time and resources for other important tasks.

Think cooperatively During restoration

With insurers and third-party administrators applying more and more pressure to economize, restorers will thrive best if they collaborate and cooperate with their fellow businesses. Industry associations will also need to work together to promote their interests and amplify their voices.

Streamline your logistics

An innovative restoration company needs to work with an innovative partner for moving and storing damaged materials, recoverable property, project materials, tools, and equipment. This is where PODS® for Business can help.

Fast response times when they’re needed most

With one phone call, you can schedule a sturdy, weather-resistant container to be delivered to wherever you need it. It can either be left on-site or at one of more than 230 PODS storage centers across North America, where items can be accessed at your convenience.

Safety and security while your items are stored

PODS containers, which come in three sizes, are moved using PODZILLA®, our patented lift system. This keeps containers and their contents level while being loaded onto and off of the truck, and makes it easy to position containers in hard-to-reach or tough-to-fit locations without damaging the contents.

Total flexibility and control over the schedule

Container rental can be extended at any time, ensuring you are prepared for any eventuality, and a single direct point of contact will assist you with scheduling deliveries and pickups, managing changes, and addressing other logistical needs.

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As competitive pressure increases in the restoration industry, companies must adapt in order to stay ahead. Partnering with a smart, efficient storage and logistics company will give your company an advantage over the competition. Go to to find out more about our services, or get started today with a free online quote.

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